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SafeStep - Scaffolding System

SafeStep - Scaffolding System

SafeStep is an award-winning scaffolding system for improving safety on-site, designed to minimise risk when fixing ridge bracing on tall roof trusses.

imageThe patent pending SafeStep system was developed in response to a growing demand for tall fink style trusses which require stretching when fixing ridge bracing or carpenters climbing up the rafters of trusses. Overstretching while working at height is incredibly dangerous, so DTE looked at ways to negate this requirement and make the procedure safer.

Until now, builders could request for trusses taller than 2.5m to be factory-fitted with pre-plated timber cross bars between the central webs. As these cross bars remained on completion of the building, roof space became inaccessible and labour and material costs increased.

How SafeStep works

imageDeveloped in conjunction with TRAD safety systems, SafeStep is a simple scaffold system, which provides the safest method for installing roof ridge stability bracing on tall fink style trusses over 2.5m in height. In basic terms, SafeStep is a reusable metal cross bar, which provides the base for a safe working platform to be fitted, while also allowing thelongitudinal web bracing of the truss to act as a handrail. This enables carpenters to reach the truss apex and nail the stability bracing safely, eliminating the need to overstretch when working at height.

Designed for ease, SafeStep drastically reduces the risk when fixing high level bracing, and it is adjustable to suit all projects. Plus, as the bars are reusable, they save money and don’t restrict access to the roof/loft space. Once the work is finished it can be removed and used again.

SafeStep can be supplied to suit each customer’s requirements. For example, four bars used on every other truss works well with a standard 38mm scaffold board and forms a 3900mm long platform. SafeStep can also be used with metal scaffold boards and in this case SafeStep bars are fixed every 2400mm.

Industry-leading health and safety practices

We consider that the level of risk posed by fixing of ridge bracing without a step or platform is a dangerous and unacceptable practice, so we developed this system. At DTE we pride ourselves on our industry-leading health and safety practices, and believe that SafeStep provides a solution for hugely increasing the safety of tall truss installation.

We hope that SafeStep will encourage more people to use this method of truss installation, improving safety on site, and simultaneously leading to considerable cost savings for our customers.

While the primary use of the SafeStep system is for fixing high-level ridge or diagonal rafter bracing in residential cold roofs using finks, fans or double-W trusses, it can also be used for various applications within cold roofs, including chimney trimmings and fixing top-hats. The system also suits more complex commercial roofs to carry out all the work at height.



SafeStep is an award-winning scaffolding system for improving safety on-site, designed to minimise risk when fixing ridge bracing on tall roof trusses.

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Safestep Technical Guide

Please download DTE’s Safestep Technical Guide.

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house builder

Health and Safety Product of the Year 2015


“I was sceptical at first. I thought the platform would not be secure and take too long to install, however it was superb, and if this system was available I would be happy to use it on every roof installation. SafeStep provided a secure platform which was easy to erect and gave the operatives working from it the confidence to perform the necessary task safely.

“The Carpenter was gutted that the system is being removed. I think that speaks volumes for the product.”

Jake Tyrrell, LJ Construction/Paramount Safety Solutions

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